As a strategic diversity consultancy, we support companies in activating DIVERSITY as an economic success factor and thus ensure their future viability.


The shrinking workforce worldwide is causing a shortage of personnel in many industries that threatens their existence. This shortage is being exacerbated in Germany by demographic change. Against this backdrop, company management can no longer afford to exclude potential employees on the basis of their personal background. In addition, companies have to assert themselves in a VUCA world in which framework conditions are constantly changing and information no longer has any predictive validity. In the current unstable political and economic situation, the multiple perspectives resulting from the diversity of a company are indispensable in order to be able to recognize even weak signals of change and to continuously adapt strategies. For an increasing number of stakeholders, an attractive company today also stands for diversity, equity and inclusion. Diversity is the critical economic factor of our time.

BeyondGenderAdvice combines many years of experience in consulting and communication with proven DE&I knowhow. We know the status quo of diversity in the German economy and have a keen sense for the differentiated approach to diverse target groups in organizations. As strategic diversity consultants, we support companies in activating diversity as an economic success factor and implementing it in the organizational structure. Together with our clients, we identify potential and initiate changes to ensure their future viability.


For me, diversity is not a fashion topic, but an essential factor for the German economy to continue to be successful in the future. With the increasing shortage of skilled workers, we need to address, mobilize and integrate everyone.

Dr. Stephanie Cossmann

At the latest in times of workerlessness, we as a society can no longer afford prejudice and unequal treatment. We all need to give every single person the best opportunities in the labor market.

Sebastian Dettmers

Tough competition, a shortage of skilled workers, partially conflicting demands from customers and society, increasing regulatory complexity and escalating geopolitical tensions: In this environment, diversity and openness make a broad range of experience and perspectives indispensable for companies. BeyondGenderAdvice conducts the stress test and positions companies for the future.

Claudia Oeking

Not only in management, but especially among career starters and the next generation of managers, who often have had a very international education, diversity is an important factor when deciding on an employer.


Phillip Schilling

Lived diversity increases the power of innovation. Through my academic work on the advisory board, I strive to contribute towards recognising the potential of diversity for sustainable business success and cultivating diversity in an inclusive work environment.

Prof. Dr. Susanne Schmidt



The team of BeyondGenderAdvice conducts surveys for BeyondGenderAgenda, including the German Diversity Index and the German Diversity Monitor. With the German Diversity Award, we have established the most important diversity award in Germany.

Based on this expertise, we offer diversity benchmarking, conduct certifications and provide consulting services to organizations on their diversity journey.

We develop diversity campaigns, offer PulseCHECKs and position organizations, people and topics around diversity.



We analyze the diversity status of your company and advise you on your diversity transformation.

  • Status quo analysis
  • Diversity strategy development
  • Transformation consulting
  • Strategic change communication
  • Organizational development – building DE&I resources & structures
  • Interim DE&I management
  • Employee surveys


We position your employer brand to promote diversity and establish an inclusive work environment.

  • Positioning of the employer brand
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee surveys
  • Diversity events
  • Network building and development
  • Diversity certification
  • DE&I communication training
  • Inclusive leadership


We develop your strategic diversity positioning and your internal and external communication.

  • Reputation Management
  • CEO & Executive Positioning
  • Development and implementation of campaigns – diversity as an image driver
  • Checking campaigns on inclusive word and visual language
  • Identification of relevant influencers
  • Diversity Certification
  • DE&I communication guidelines


The BeyondGenderAdvice PulseCHECK is the holistic and scientifically based analysis of a company’s diversity status. Based on data from the status quo analysis, we determine the maturity level of the company on the diversity journey.

From the results of this comprehensive analysis, we derive concrete goals and recommend actions for further diversity development.

The BeyondGenderAdvice TypoCluster allocates employees to five types according to their personal attitude and individual behavior regarding diversity. Each of these types forms a specific target group and therefore requires its own specific approach.

With the help of a holistic employee survey, we determine the distribution and weighting of the different types in the organization. This forms the basis for target group-specific communication and strategic diversity management.


Apollo stands for good vision – and this also applies to us internally: With a clear view of what we have achieved and a constant search for improvement. Our commitment to even more diversity is important to us. That is why the Diversity Certification and the critical view from the outside were an important process. In this way, we made the colorful world at Apollo visible, but at the same time also identified potential to make it even more diverse and thus even better. Many thanks to the BeyondGenderAdvice team!

Jörg Ehmer, CEO, Apollo

With their experience, BeyondGenderAdvice’s colleagues are valuable partners for our most important diversity projects. Whether it’s analyzing and preparing data for our diversity study, creating attention-grabbing communication campaigns, or planning and implementing the German Diversity Awards, the BeyondGenderAdvice team brings the right mix of diverse expertise and deep understanding of diversity with them.


For me, BeyondGenderAdvice is the best address for activating diversity as an economic success factor in the company. In addition to an impressive network, I was particularly impressed by the strategic approach.

Belgin Rudack, CEO, Creditplus Bank AG

Together with BeyondGenderAdvice, we were able to identify potentials, initiate new impulses and develop diversity as an economic success factor at Deutsche Bahn. We thank you very much for the excellent cooperation!

Deutsche Bahn AG

At Douglas, we understand diversity as a strategic competitive factor that determines our actions and the vision of our company. Obtaining the certification by BeyondGenderAdvice was important to us and pointed out further potential for even more diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities during the process.

Douglas Group

With BeyondGenderAgenda, the topic of diversity has gained significant visibility in the German economy, and with BeyondGenderAdvice it is closely linked to corporate strategy in many companies. Only in this way, diversity can be used successfully and sustainably in economic terms.


It was very helpful to have BeyondGendeAdvice as a sparring partner in designing our first diversity survey.




Under the claim #SuccessIsDiverse, the campaign tells the success stories of well-known personalities such as Janis McDavid, Riccardo Simonetti, Düzen Tekkal or Miriam Wohlfarth. The aim is to show the potential of diversity and to point out the advantages as well as the necessity of a diverse workforce for companies.

The realisation that diversity is a success factor is not new: numerous studies prove that diverse teams and companies are demonstrably more innovative and economically successful. But too little is being done and development is slow. German companies are still predominantly homogeneous, especially in their management bodies. This is exactly where the campaign wants to start and make a contribution so that diversity is no longer misjudged as a success factor in business.

More information on the campaign and all success stories at



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